Dr. William H. Lee’s Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Lee has been my doctor for many years and several pregnancies. I already knew what a great and caring doctor he was. But the best part came late in my 40’s when I’d already had a crazy brain fog for several years, along with other peri-menopausal symptoms. I was determined not to go on hormones but that all changed after an hours visit with Dr. Lee. He educated me so clearly about bio-identical hormones, and many other aspects of fully balancing my whole chemistry for aging wellness. He was patient with my endless questions, and that hour changed my future. I’m 58 now, and I simply feel great. I still attend his wonderful talks to hear all of the latest information in this field of medicine, as he truly is an expert. My husband goes to Dr. Lee now too. Who knew 21 years ago, when my husband stood next to Dr. Lee for the birth of our 4th child, that he would someday be his patient too!” – Jane

“I became a patient of Dr. Lee’s in 2008 after a friend recommended him to me. Following a much needed hysterectomy, I continued to see Dr. Lee for annual physicals and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. What really sets him apart from other doctor’s is his extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. He remains current on all of the new studies and data on HRT. He was a proponent of Vitamin D long before it’s current popularity. I’ve never had such confidence or trust in a physician. He also takes a lot of time with his patients and is truly interested in their wellbeing. I hope he never retires.” – Susan

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lee for about four years. When I arrived for my first consultation, I was 54 years old and already well into menopause. I confess that I didn’t have any serious problems (I thought) at the time, but I also simply did not feel on top of the world. I just assumed that’s how it should be at my “age.” At the suggestion of a dear friend, I met with Dr. Lee and began a closely monitored age management program that included bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements, and diet and exercise recommendations. After a few months I began to have more energy, and most importantly my foggy mind cleared. All of those jokes about middle-aged women becoming forgetful were sadly true for me, but I’ve seen great improvement following Dr. Lee’s program. Now, at 58, I feel as youthful as I did 20 years ago – both mentally and physically. Thank you Dr. Lee!” – Melissa